While Rivian is also building a car brand based on battery electric technology such as Tesla, they are focusing on supplying platforms for other companies thus saving them lots of time and R&D money.

official Rivian video

The video gives a short idea of how to start an auto company. Rivian is young company building EV platforms that can be used for various purposes and brands. Rivian will be also using it to build the Amazon prime EV delivery truck.

This is not an actual episode of The 2pt5 podcast. I included this video into the new series of “Innovators out there” as innovator Robert “RJ” Scaringe and people from his team are talking about starting their company. And I think there is something to learn from this official Rivian video.

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The state The 2pt5 podcast is hosted is “Baden-Württemberg” in the Southwest of Germany. The word is hard to pronounce, even in German. Have a look a the video for an idea of how to say it and get an idea of what we are up to:

The place is located between France, the Rhine river and Bavaria. As well as North of the Swiss Alps with the beautiful Lake Constance/Bodensee in the South.