Jen Zeuner and Anne Keller have found a home in Fruita, Colorado, USA, a rural town of appr. 12.000 people in the Rocky Mountains. They have built their home on great Pizza and Mountain Biking. And they have built a large community.

(c) Anne Keller & Jen Zeuner

Pizza, mountain bikes, community

Over fifteen years ago, they saw the necessity for a place for people to come together and took to work. Their vision was to create a place to hang out before or after hitting the trails to welcome people, have a good time, share stories.

Their Hot Tomato place is not just any of the 77.000 pizza restaurants in the US (I didn’t find the total worldwide). They have developed their own very special recipes and ways to do business.

And many people get it: if you look at the restaurant’s many ratings of the more than 10.000 fans on Facebook, you see only praise, basically all five stars.

Some random quotes are:

  • “Best pizza ever! Best employees and atmosphere, too. We love this place!”
  • “Great”
  • “Yummy”
  • “Delicious”
  • “Amazing”

This list could go on and on – Okay, let’s do some more:

  • “Awesome”
  • “Love”
  • “Perfect pizza”
  • “Even the leftovers next morning were good”
    I mean who likes cold pizza?

It takes lots of innovative spirit to get there. And a way with people to built such a great community around it.

This got me interested in the Hot Tomato. Besides the pizza.


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