Who we are and what we stand for

The 2pt5 – conversations connecting innovators is all about helping innovators to grow. We are bringing people together to share learnings and insights. In the podcast we are talking to seasoned entrepreneurs, founders, researchers, passionate product- and innovation managers, business designers about the highs and lows of an innovator’s life, their motivation and creative passions as well as favorite methods, tools, conferences and ideas. Although all of this is serious stuff, we are aiming for a relaxed atmosphere with many take-aways for our listeners. Ultimately the aim is to help innovators bring their own work to the next level through meaningful conversations.

The name

The 2pt5 – the twopointfive – originates from the 2.5% innovators of Everett Rogers’ “Diffusion of Innovation“ theory which is truly fun to work with.

rogers diffusion of innovation

The origin of the podcast

The 2pt5 podcast is produced in #TheLÄND, the state of Baden-Württemberg (don’t even try to pronounce it), in the South-West of Germany. It stretches from the Rhine river (where France and Germany connect), Lake Constance and the Alps (where Switzerland and Germany connect) to world famous Bavaria and includes the Black Forest region, the birthplace of the European Danube river and many “Weltmarktführer” in rural places.


The podcast is independently financed by the host.

The podcast host

The podcast is hosted by innovation coach Dr. Klaus Reichert (Youtube) (Linkedin), located in Baden-Württemberg in the Southwest of Germany.