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Innovators & creators from around the globe help each other by sharing highs and lows, their motivation and creative passions as well as their favorite methods, tools and ideas.

Every episode is enriched by additional information, videos and a transcript.

The 2.5 podcast is hosted by innovation coach Klaus Reichert in #TheLÄND Baden-Württemberg in the Southwest of Germany - read more

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Maggie Bayless

Episode 28 of The2pt5 innovator podcast features a captivating conversation of Klaus Reichert with Maggie Bayless, the founder of ZingTrain in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. Maggie shares her journey from growing up in a small town in Ohio, her studies at Oberlin College, to establishing a successful training venture that’s part of the Zingerman’s community of businesses. Throughout the episode, they discuss the importance of training, clear expectations, and creating a conducive work environment. The discussion also touches on the impact of visioning and the role of trust and transparency in building a thriving business and community.

Maggie Bayless
(c) Maggie Bayless
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Tomasz Gackoski

In this episode of The 2pt5 innovator podcast my guest is Tomasz Gackoski, an aerospace and marine engineer and CEO of Ampros. We are talking about the evolution of Tomasz’s career, his passion for sailing and lightweight design, and the use of advanced materials in his work. The conversation further explores the launch of the Sialia Yachts and Ampros, the development of electric propulsion systems in marine vessels, and the complexities of integrating numerous systems aboard a ship. The discussion underlines the importance of teamwork, learning from different industries, and considering sustainability in marine engineering and design. Our conversation highlights the current challenges the marine e-mobility faces and the expectations for future advancements. This episode concludes with Gackoski reflecting on his career trajectory and favorite aspects of his work.

(c) Tomasz Gackoski
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Peder Asplund

In this episode of The 2pt5 innovator podcast my guest is Peder Asplund, the co-founder and CEO at Agapi Boat Club in Stockholm, Sweden. We are talking about boating, boat sharing, the business model and values of Agapi Boat Club, their latest partnerships with premium boatbuilders and electric boats.

(c) Peder Asplund
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David Perry

In the 25th episode of The 2pt5 innovator podcast my guest is David Perry. We are talking about his motivations, his photography, his development in game design from a simple game to cloud gaming. About the importance of branding and licensing, about Carro, his current venture, and his latest ideas and projects.

(c) David Perry
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Juliet Davenport

Juliet Davenport OBE, an innovator in energy, author and founder of Good Energy. We are talking about renewables, starting businesses and creating change in propositions as well as in thinking.

(c) Juliet Davenport
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Lauri Vuohensilta

In this episode of The 2pt5 innovator podcast my guest is Lauri Vuohensilta, a creative experimenter from Finland.

We are talking about his creative process, his best way of finding new & crazy ideas, about planning for creativity and having fun when doing experiments. Lauri is collaborating with his wife Anni on his projects using a particle accelerator, a hydraulic press, the “Smashinator 5 000 000” and frozen lakes amongst many things.

Lauri & Anni Vuohensilta
(c) Lauri & Anni Vuohensilta
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Sally Schmitt on cooking

There is innovators everywhere. Not just in the tech sector… A very special innovator I just came across was Sally Schmitt, one of the first to professionally prepare California food.

Sally Schmitt
(c) The New York Times, Ben Proudfoot, Youtube
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Laurie Anderson’s creative process in her own words

Laurie Anderson is difficult to describe as an artist. And that’s what makes engaging with her so exciting. “Be loose!” – she herself puts it as simply and clearly as that when she advises creatives to avoid being pressured into limiting themselves artistically. She calls herself “vague” as a multimedia artist believing that this will giver her the freedom to do artistically whatever she wants defying labels of the art world.

Laurie Anderson
(c) Canal Street Communications
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Danny Black

In this episode of The 2pt5 innovator podcast my guest is Danny Black, a musician and Youtube creator in Australia.

We are talking about his approach to his music and Youtube channels, about branding for creators and especially about introducing humor in everything he does to entertain his audience.

(c) Danny Black
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The state The 2pt5 podcast is hosted is #TheLÄND “Baden-Württemberg” in the Southwest of Germany.

The place is located between France, the Rhine river and Bavaria. As well as North of the Swiss Alps with the beautiful Lake Constance/Bodensee in the South. To the North is Frankfurt, the European capital of capital.

The name “Baden-Württemberg” is hard to pronounce, even in German. Have a look a the video for an idea of how to say it: