Tomasz Gackoski

In this episode of The 2pt5 innovator podcast my guest is Tomasz Gackoski, an aerospace and marine engineer and CEO of Ampros. We are talking about the evolution of Tomasz’s career, his passion for sailing and lightweight design, and the use of advanced materials in his work. The conversation further explores the launch of the Sialia Yachts and Ampros, the development of electric propulsion systems in marine vessels, and the complexities of integrating numerous systems aboard a ship. The discussion underlines the importance of teamwork, learning from different industries, and considering sustainability in marine engineering and design. Our conversation highlights the current challenges the marine e-mobility faces and the expectations for future advancements. This episode concludes with Gackoski reflecting on his career trajectory and favorite aspects of his work.

(c) Tomasz Gackoski
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Juliet Davenport

Juliet Davenport OBE, an innovator in energy, author and founder of Good Energy. We are talking about renewables, starting businesses and creating change in propositions as well as in thinking.

(c) Juliet Davenport
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David Elderton – creative experimenter and builder, about e-bikes, e-boats, e-cars, all solar houses and sharing of ideas and experiment results

David Elderton is a creative experimenter and builder. He lives on an island near Vancouver in Canada working in the e-bike business delivering high quality custom e-bikes all across Canada. He is also in the progress of building his second electric boat. As he is experimenting and playing with ideas a lot, there is also many results. He shares them on open platforms and thus also helps others to get ahead with their projects. 

David Elderton
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