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Gutenberg – a small example of being at the beginning of the innovation curve

Addressing “The 2pt5” percent the innovators requires to stay ahead of the innovation curve. I think. That’s why I choose a new way WordPress offers to publish this blog. “Gutenberg” is the new block editor that makes working much easier. But as a page builder it is very much located in the beginning of the innovation diffusion curve.

With all the consequences.


  • the new features help a distinct group to work eg from everywhere and use mobile solutions (I am writing and will publish this text via my smartphone)
  • using the new supports the development and spreading it beyond the first to use it


  • available features will necessarily be restricted
  • established products will almost always have more functionality

There are good reasons not to use the new. “Nobody will be fired for selecting McKinsey/IBM as consultants or technology” can still be true. But picking up the new and unknown has definitely potential to propel change.


What is a podcast?

People often ask “what is a podcast?” And are very happy, when they discover this great way to listen to great stuff. A podcast is an easy way to listen to favorite shows on your own schedule. While commuting, exercising or relaxing.

Most start with a show they listen to on the radio and discover new shows over time. E.g. NPR has a great range of their shows available as a podcast.

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Listen to The 2pt5 on Spotify

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