David Elderton is a creative experimenter and builder. He lives on an island near Vancouver in Canada working in the e-bike business delivering high quality custom e-bikes all across Canada. He is also in the progress of building his second electric boat. As he is experimenting and playing with ideas a lot, there is also many results. He shares them on open platforms and thus also helps others to get ahead with their projects. 

David Elderton

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The episode was recorded on August 2nd, 2020

David Elderton

This episode is a long one. David and I talk about how he started his e-bike business, based on his enthusiasm for experimenting, building and for the swift way of e-bikes. We then cover the (nearly) all-solar powered household and get to talk about electric boats as well as his next projects. In the end we talk about sharing ideas, experiments, results and failures.

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Mentioned in the episode

Video of the electric catamaran in action
The outrigger sailing canoe that David designed and built using a regular canoe
Get to know Grin Technologies in Vancouver



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