Cole Raven is the Co-founder of Podchaser. The platform helps to discover and share new podcasts. It is also a great tool for podcast creators to connect. The company is run remotely by a group of people that partly meet on Reddit.

Cole Raven Podchaser

I have reached Cole Raven, the co-founder of Podchaser, while he was traveling to Hawaii. Incidently a place I have very fond memories of, since I learned flying and received my private pilot’s licence on Oahu.

We talked about the value of platforms for discovery and community building. About remote teams, long time friendships and new friends found on Reddit. About serendipity in innovation and startup.

We also talked about remote companies, worldwide hiring, tools like Slack and Basecamp, building communities. About building a podcast platform, sharing data & credits, a growing central database for podcasts. And about fundraising in the podcasting world and new features coming along.

Enjoy the conversation!

Find out more about Podchaser on their website, follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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